16. Jun 2017

Supsi PVLab successfully audited for new photovoltaic IEC standards. Picture: Supsi

Supsi PVLab: Successfully audited for new photovoltaic IEC standards

(PR) SupsiI PVLab, the only laboratory accredited in Switzerland for PV module testing, has been successfully audited according to the recently issued new versions of IEC norms for safety (IEC 61730-1 and 61730-2) and performances (IEC 61215-1,61215-2 and following).

After ten years, the IEC norms for the testing of PV modules have been updated to consider the requests of a rapidly expanding market, with high volumes of production and a worldwide distribution. The new standards have defined stricter requirements and updated several procedures in order to grant higher quality and safety to the products.

Supsi, in its mission to continuously update the competence of its PVLab, in order to provide updated tests to the Swiss industry, has been recently audited by external inspectors in the frame of ISO 17025 norm. The visit has been successful and has highlighted only minor points to be improved: the accredited, independent test reports will soon be available to all the Swiss and international customers with the added value of the new standard procedures.

Text: University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

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